Video: The Killers – “Runaways”

If you can believe it, The Killers’ debut album Hot Fuss was released eight years ago. Around that time Franz Ferdinand, Bloc, Party, Kaiser Chiefs, The Bravery and many more flew out of the cracks and rode the 80’s throwback wave of sound that became huge in 2004.

While there are still a slew of musicians helping synthesizers evolve and confusing people as to what era their songs were recorded in, The Killers and “Runaways” have murdered the dream. 

[Before Hot Fuss]

The dream that they’ll ever return to their “Somebody Told Me” roots, that is.
[After Hot Fuss]

2 thoughts on “Video: The Killers – “Runaways”

  1. I’m honestly not quite sure everyone is always wishing for a return to Hot Fuss. I absolutely love that album but I think they’ve matured so much in their style and their lyrics. They’ve become a great live band which they weren’t really before. When I look back at Hot Fuss the songs still hold up and they’re great but they seem so much simpler to me. I guess I just don’t see why people don’t want to accept that they’re evolving.


  2. I love Brandon, he is the Genuine article……… I think your jealous of their success. Don’t be so green in envy dear.


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