I Don’t Want To Live In A World Where It’s Legal For Ted Nugent To Own A Gun

Those who are confused by anyone in support of proposing stricter gun control laws have one memorably nonsensical thing to say: “give everyone a gun and we’ll be safe, dagnabbit!”

Like Ted Nugent, singer of “Funk U,” and notorious collector of animal skins and camouflage cowboy hats. On Twitter, he writes:

“We pray for all victims&loved ones of demonshooter in CO& we SALUTE the brave warriors who saved lives IF only they would hav had a good gun.”

He also defends James Holmes’ right to have an assault rifle by denying its existence. “There were no assault weapons used in the CO shooting only universally proven sporting & self defense firearms & 6k rounds aint squat. lies.” 

I’m willing to admit that if everyone in the Aurora theater had a gun, Holmes would have been shot down by the audience before putting bullets into 70 of them. But it’s still not a solution.

People with guns are simply more likely to fire them, whether it’s to “help” someone or to shoot their spouse who forgot to bring home the eggs.

I believe in the American right to hunt, but not the right to hunt human beings (unless it’s Ted Nugent’s crazy Confederate flag-waving ass).
This is a guy who frequently pulls guns out on stage at his concerts and yells things like “Obama’s a piece of shit, and I told him to suck on my machine gun.”

If it were up to him we’d all have slaves (he’d request Natasha and Malia) and cannons. He’d also abolish all music besides country, take away my right to vote, and replace my Xbox with a sewing machine.

What do you think?

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