Whose Fans Have The Best Nickname?

Sometimes a fan is just a fan and other times, they’re, well, some god-awful name they were given or that they gave themselves.

It’s all the same kind of cancer.

Well, put your paws up, but not those paws. I’ve decided that Ke$ha‘s “Animals” win this game, but only because it’s the most fitting and least horrible name to say outloud

Worst has to be Courtney Stodden (Stoddenistas) for even thinking she’s cool enough to name her fans, and Chris Brown for having fans at all, especially female ones. That kind of stupidity deserves a rural county fair cow ribbon.

Let’s review all the options, and I’ll let you decide (comment below) 

Beliebers – Justin Bieber
Little Monsters – Lady Gaga
Animals – Ke$ha
Twi-hards – Twilight
Stoddenistas – Courtney Stodden
Team Breezy – Chris Brown
Rihanna Navy – Rihanna
Directioners – One Direction
Barbz – Nicki Minaj
Trekkies – Star Trek
Ritabots – Rita Ora
MCRmy – My Chemical Romance
Darklings – Shirley Manson/Garbage
Muggles – Harry Potter
Team Drizzy – Drake
Victims – The Killers
Lovatics – Demi Lovato
Gleeks – Glee
Glamberts – Adam Lambert
KatyCats – Katy Perry
Swifties – Taylor Swift
Karminites – Karmin
Dinosaurs – Jen Miller
Hooligans – Bruno Mars
Gold Diggers – Ellie Goulding

5 thoughts on “Whose Fans Have The Best Nickname?

  1. I agree, definitely Beliebers. It’s kind of reminiscent of a creepy under aged cult. “We are the Beliebeeers.” Spooky.


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