New ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judges Are Virtual Unknowns, Just Like The Competition

Tyra Banks is running out of ideas for America’s Next Top Model. If the All-Stars and British Invasion cycles weren’t proof enough, “College Edition” is approaching and she’s officially replaced all the judges (except Kelly Cutrone) plus creative consultant Jay Manuel and runway coach “Miss” J. Alexander.

Nigel Barker has been switched out for fellow Brit and model Rob Evans, who will sit next to fashion blogger Bryan “Bryanboy” Grey Yambao on the ANTM panel along with Tyra and Kelly. 

Celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek is taking over Manuel’s position and the show airs soon! August 24. I can’t wait to see those bitches cry and help vote the plus-size ones off the island.

What do you think?

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