Mars Landing Control’s ‘Mohawk Guy’ Is An Internet Sensation

So NASA landed a motorized vehicle on mars, but all we can talk about is the guy with the mohawk in the control room? Seems legit.

All I saw when I tuned into the free streaming simulcast of the rover’s landing was a bunch of nerds high fiving each other and a really grainy picture of some gravel from my driveway.

I guess it’s understandable that a bunch of women zoned in on the one dude that looks like he belongs in a Ridley Scott movie, instead with Best Buy employees in a group photo from 1972.

The latest human meme is Bobak Ferdowsi (code name: “Mohawk Guy)” of CIT’s Jet Propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, and everyone’s curious about his red planet… 

Ferdowsi has a Tumblr dedicated to him and he’s gained nearly 40,000 Twitter followers. He’s a smarter, more handsome version of Glee‘s Mark Salling, and that has its perks.

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