‘The Real World’ Season 28 Is Currently Filming In Portland, Oregon

It may be the popularity of Portlandia that finally convinced the Real World producers to stop revisiting states (California x5, New York x3) and take their camera crews to our wonderfully weird Pacific Northwestern city.

Season 28 of MTV’s once-phenomenal, now-tedious show is filming as we speak. For anyone who lives in the area, their living quarters are located on the corner of NW 9th and Flanders above an antique shop in the Pearl District. 

The cast of seven traditionally preppy youths (four girls and three guys) have been spotted at multiple locations such as Splash Bar, Blitz, Pizza Schmizza, Paragon Restaurant, Dante’s, and Urban Studio.
Along with gossip writer Byron Beck and the Real World PDX Spy Twitter page, their neighbor has been chronicling the goings-on at the Real World house from his window on the blog CGMusings.

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8 thoughts on “‘The Real World’ Season 28 Is Currently Filming In Portland, Oregon

  1. These people showed up at a timbers game and totally ruined it for us all! Sporting their giant fox tails out of there purses…If you knew Portland at all this is not something you should be accessorizing with. Created such a stink for my six year old’s first game. Get REAL real world, Your obviously not part of it!


  2. I went to Portland a few years ago, and found it to be one of the worst US cities I’ve ever been too.
    People pan handling on every corner, hippies running wild. If you want to go to a progressive city
    I would goto Salt Lake, very clean. No drinking on Sunday’s, and family values.


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