Robert Pattinson Eats Ice Cream With Jon Stewart, Mostly Avoids Talking About Kristen

Robert Pattinson finally crawled out of his lonely hermit crab shell to begin his promotional tour for Cosmopolis. First stop:
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart cut right to the chase, feeding Rob’s inner woman some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, throwing his hands up in the air and saying:

“We’re just a couple of gals talking. The last time I had a bad breakup, Ben and Jerry got me through the tougher times. I thought you and I could bond over this and talk about, ‘boy, you are better off, kick her to the curb.'” 

Pattinson laughed hysterically at everything, but barely responded to Jon Stewart’s mentions of the other Stewart. The one related regret he shared was this:

“My biggest problem in my life is I’m cheap, and I didn’t hire a publicist”

[Jon] Stewart concluded with wishing that the Twilight star gets to handle his business “in private.”

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