Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [8-18-12]

Ryan Lochte in a speedo. What happens in Vegas lives on forever in photography. (Las Vegas Sun)

And here’s half-naked Ryan (again) peeing on Joan Rivers. (E! Online)

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, also in swimwear. (Radar)

Here’s why children shouldn’t play baseball. (Yahoo!)

Lady Gaga is doing better. Says past year was “a challenge.” (NME)

Guess whose girlfriend likes attention? Michael Phelps‘ obviously. (Daily Mail)

Kanye’s dancers almost crash a plane. (Stereogum)

Speaking of attention, Kim Kardashian has new Playboy outtakes to show you. (Celebuzz)

Coach Brett Favre is a winner. (USA Today)

Elton John shows Michael Caine his Mars Rover, proves other planets are surrounded by water. (Mirror)


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