Comedian Melinda Hill Gets No Laughs On ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Performed Same Jokes On Ferguson Four Years Ago (With Laughs)

I don’t agree with the use of the word “talent” in the title “America’s Got Talent,” let alone America’s opinion or the judges. Usually I agree with Howard Stern, except in the case of comedian Melinda Hill, who bombed horribly on Tuesday’s YouTube auditions.

When I say bombed I mean that the crowd was more silent than if Daniel Tosh performed at a charity for RAINN.

The judges critique was along the lines of her needing different material. But it was also mentioned that her videos on YouTube were much funnier than her set on AGT.

I researched these supposedly hilarious videos (I already liked her jokes on America’s Got Talent) and found that she was on The Late Late Show with very similar material, getting laughs. 

Here’s her performance on NBC’s steaming pile of possum excrement (seriously, the favorites are glowstick dancers, a bird trainer, and Edon the singing yarmulke)…

And on Ferguson…
And The Bonnie Hunt Show
Recycled jokes or not, she’s certainly not unfunny. Maybe not laugh-till-you-die funny either.

I just feel like if you’re going to clap for a guy with a dancing tissue you better also clap for the reasonably funny lady who had the guts to stand on that stage and bleed for you.

You don’t need me to tell you that she was eliminated. But check out her website anyway and pledge a few dollars to the Kickstarter for her web series, Romantic Encounters. Also Twitter – @MelindaHill.

What do you think?

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