Tour Bus Driver Opinions Of Creed, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown And More

Spin magazine offered a look into the lives and personal experiences of tour bus drivers. Some discussed the wildness of the 80’s and early 90’s compared to the health-conscious musicians of today, while others talked about the weird things they found lying around.

Many notable artists were mentioned, short descriptions or not, we all love insider information about celebrities.

You will not be surprised to hear that Matisyahu is nice and the guys from Creed act entitled. Here are some highlights:

On finding a giant machine gun: “Don’t think I’m going to make up your bed when you’ve got a machine gun under it. I came across a big-ass machine gun, like, ‘What the hell is this?’ And this was a nice rapper, nobody who had to worry about all this. I mean, who you going to shoot with that anyway?”

Being a female driver: “One of the things I have the hardest time with is seeing girls not making good decisions. One girl, the tour manager kicked her off the bus in the morning. She had no pants on and he wouldn’t let her come look for her pants. I felt bad.”

Then vs. Now: “It used to be a lot wilder in the ’80s, the alcohol and drug consumption was much higher, and the number of women floating around was a lot higher too. Bands get on the bus, they might have a couple of beers, but for the most part, they’re drinking tea and have a humidifier to keep their vocal chords moist, people eat health food, work out. These days, a blender on the bus isn’t for daiquiris, it’s to make protein shakes.”

On They Might Be Giants – “Clean, quiet, and they’d have these really interesting, intellectual conversations.”

Tom Petty – “Favorite gig ever. Extremely professional.”

Motley Crue – “Tough gig. They’re a little bit rougher.”

Matisyahu – “One of the kindest people I’ve ever met.”

Creed – “Fuck every minute of that! Those guys thought they were such a big deal.”

John Legend – “Not a whole lot of interaction. He just likes reading and chilling out and doing his own thing.”

Mariah Carey – “She wants what she wants, but she’s sweet.”

Widespread Panic – “I’m part of their family; I go riding motorcycles with [guitarist] Jimmy Herring.”

P. Diddy – “He lets me do whatever I want. If I need Ciroc, I can get bottles from the distributor.”

Wu-Tang Clan – “I have to get a new damn lung every time I come off the road with them.”

Chris Brown – “He don’t tell me nothing but, ‘You want to go partying? Clubbing? Let’s go!'”

OK Go – “Fun, artistic and energetic.”

Poison – “Remember the ill-fated Richie Kotzen tour, when they fired C.C. Deville? Well, I fired Richie.”
A woman who commented on the article, a bus driver with her own blog, says:

“It’s a hard life great pay – but a hard life, filled with a lot of grease, mechanical failures, puke that “almost” made it to the toilet, snow goose to windshield accidents and the misperception that you are a robot that can drive 1,500 miles in a day and make a few stops to pick up smoke bombs along the way because the lead singer just ‘had to have them.'” 

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