Tyra ‘Booty-Tooch’ Banks Is Having Way Too Much Fun With Rob Evans

William Blake once said that there is no creature more terrifying than a smizing cougar burning bright in the forests of the night. You and I both know Blake was referring to Tyra Banks.

Many suspect that 38-year-old Banks – former supermodel, current whipped-cream addict and transgendered lost boy – is dating much younger America’s Next Top Model judge and ex-boxer/model Rob Evans.

Last week, Tyra told Jimmy Fallon that things with 24-year-old Rob are strictly business.

However, when she talks about him she giggles like a 15-year-old girl and compliments the crap out of him, repeatedly calling Fallon by his first name as if she were being grounded by mama five-head.

“He is so fine Jimmy, even you would be uncomfortable making eye contact with him for longer than three seconds.” When pressed about their relationship she responds, “He is my employee, Jimmy. I keep it professional.” 

She also stuck to her story on Friday’s Good Morning America. “There’s not [any romance]. He’s my baby … There’s a lot of love.” I’m not buying that whole platonic love thing. Remember when Bert and Ernie said they were just roommates?

Some “source” (never a good sign for reliability) claims to have seen them getting wasted holding hands before going back to their hotel room.

I say, even if she’s not “trying” to date him, that mischievous look in his eyes [as Tyra strips his clothes off on GMA] tells us she will eventually adopt him and grate her self-proclaimed cellulite off on his abs.

What do you think?

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