Elvis’ Shit-Stained Briefs May Sell For Over $15,000

How much would you pay for a pair of used underwear complete with mysterious brown stains? Nothing, right? I mean, you’d pay someone $15,000 to get them away from your face huh?

Apparently, if it’s Elvis, a person’s views on soiled undergarments do a complete 180. Yep. Anything belonging to the king (of “pulling out”) who died on a throne (toilet) in 1977 goes for a high price.

This less-than-pristine article of clothing is expected to fetch £10,000 (around $15,800 American dollars) in a Greater Manchester auction of Presley’s personal items, including a Bible and some home movies. 

John Lennon’s tooth already went for a cool $31,000. In 50 years, how much will the masses shell out for Justin Bieber’s purple Hanes?

Scrub away, diligent worker. You will never ever get the brown out of those baby blues.

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