It’s The End Of An Era, ‘Jersey Shore’ Cancelled After Six Seasons

MTV has announced that Jersey Shore‘s sixth season, premiering October 4, will be its conclusion. As in, series finale.

No more gym tan laundry sex, no more Situation lifting up his shirt to remind women that he’s not a potato nailed to a Hollister mannequin, no more silicon JWoww blueprint in the mirror, no more bar fights or juicehead chest-beating…

Of course there’s always The Real World and Bad Girls Club if you are missing the fights THAT bad.

And of course Snooki will always be available to you, if you want her to be. She’s like Tinkerbell, if you clap for her (and by clap I mean follow on Twitter) she won’t die. Also, her birth will be televised on Snooki & JWoww. 

We can only assume that the cast members with less individual staying power – meatball Deena, Ronnie “Ron Ron,” Sammi Sweetheart, and anxious Vinny G – will fade into the inevitable folds of time. Surely it won’t take long to forget Vinny’s book and Ronnie’s Xenadrine ad?

Pauly of The Pauly D Project teared up while tellinghis flagship network that the final season was his “favorite” to film.

From Jersey to Hollywood. We’ve come a long way, baby.

“It was so cool because a lot of things are different now, with Snooki being pregnant, Mike just getting out of rehab, but how we deal with that and how we all come together as a family, that was the best part about it.”

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