Matthew McConaughey Pulled A Christian Bale, Lost All Muscle Mass

DO NOT FEED THE seagulls, pigeons, ducks or Matthew McConaughey.

The recently married Texan is in the process of losing 30 pounds for the movie The Dallas Buyers Club.

Buyers Club is the non-fiction account of Ron Woodruff, a man who contracted aids in the 80s and illegally smuggled life-saving medicine over Mexico’s border. Drugs that helped him outlive his doctor’s given six month death sentence.

McConaughey is almost as famous for jogging shirtless and naked bongo-playing as he is for his above-average acting abilities, so it is especially shocking to see his Magic Mike beefcake body reduced to Soy Dream.

It’s also VERY reminiscent of his Reign Of Fire co-star, Christian Bale. Specifically Batman Bale in The Machinist and The Fighter.
McConaughey told Larry King,  “I should not look healthy by the time I’m doing this,” and that the diet is a “spiritual” and “mental cleanse.”

What do you think?

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