Randy ‘Dawg’ Jackson Retires From Idol

Randy Jackson is stepping away from his judging position on American Idol after 11 seasons.

TMZ has learned that Jackson will stay on as a “mentor” in the 12th season when judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj debut.

No word on who Randy’s replacement will be.

We do know that it ISN’T Kanye or Diddy, and that Enrique Inglesias and Keith Urban are in talks to fill the spot.

New information will be released in coming days, says executive producer Simon Fuller.

There will be several positive announcements to follow shortly, American Idol is moving up a gear and with the help and commitment from Fox, who are more intimately involved and supportive this season than ever before, we are looking forward to a dynamic new season ahead.”  

Fuller sounds like the head of a nearly bankrupt business in a last-ditch effort to convince the public that their personal investments in his company are not futile.

I really just think it’s time to cancel this shit storm. Everyone’s gone, it’s starting to get sad. It’s like when a band tours even though their lead singer died of a heroin overdose.

Now the guy that rocks back and forth by the keyboard to preprogrammed beats is leaving? It’s time to let NBC’s far superior The Voice step into the limelight.

What do you think?

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