‘The X Factor’ Season Two Vs. ‘The Voice’ Season Three

The second episode of NBC’s The Voice aired on Wednesday at the same time as Fox’s U.S. The X Factor season two. Christina and Britney pitted against each other in a Mickey Mouse Club judge-off…

While Britney entertained me more than Christina, I will still vouch for The Voice over X Factor, Idol, and America’s Got Talent. Here’s why: 

  • Shows like American Idol, AGT, and X Factor pander to the crowd
  • I would never in a million years pay more than $5 dollars to see any America’s Got Talent performer
  • The Voice doesn’t indulge “joke” performances (people who will never win but are good for television)
  • Simon Cowell is getting soft (last night he said “yes” to an adorable drag queen with no talent)

Regardless of the success of certain artists from The X Factor UK (Leona Lewis, Cher Lloyd One Direction) and American Idol (Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert) the majority of contestants on The Voice are superior technical singers.

All four judges on The Voice are sensationally successful recording artists with enough experience and brains (even Miss Piggy) to pass down some kind of useful knowledge to the members of their team.

Also, it’s not about aesthetics. You can be a bald, 41-year old lesbian (Beverly McClellan) and still come in 3rd place.

I will admit to loving a few X Factor moments. For instance, a creepy old guy telling Demi Lovato That’s why you use auto-tune and I don’t” after she told him he wasn’t meant to be a performer.

Paige Thomas, who was compared to Rihanna by L.A. Reid (executive producer of Rated R and Loud) was phenomenal…

So was the moment when Britney tore the balls off of her former “I Will Still Love You” singing partner Don Phillip.
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2 thoughts on “‘The X Factor’ Season Two Vs. ‘The Voice’ Season Three

    1. I noticed that too. She looks mortified of everything EXCEPT the younger kids who audition, probably because she is very childlike herself. Whatever fame did to Michael Jackson, something similar happened to Britney (minus the molestation charges).


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