ANTM’s Jael Strauss Tells Dr. Phil ‘This Is Personal And Embarrassing’ During Live Intervention

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant and current meth-addicted stripper Jael accepted treatment from Dr. Phil McGraw on Thursday.

Prior to appearing live on Dr. Phil, Jael’s family and two interventionists provided by McGraw lured her out of hiding by tricking her into thinking her dog was sick. 

They proceeded to physically restrain a hysteric Jael, who was in a ‘full-blown meth psychosis.’ After several hours, they “convinced” her to fly to Los Angeles to meet up with narcissist McGraw.

He interviewed Strauss’s parents, called her mother “idiotic” for doing cocaine with Jael, said he didn’t want to have to “go to her funeral,” and used the word “ain’t” after she took one look at him and ran out the back of Paramount Studios building.

Dr. Phil eventually pursued the unrecognizable Jael, whose face and teeth have been destroyed by drug use. “There’s too many people,” Strauss said as she wondered why her addiction is “everybody’s business.”

I almost melted when she told him, “This is personal and embarrassing.” Because it is. It’s personal and embarrassing and it shouldn’t be on TV. It doesn’t matter if I thought I wanted to watch it…

McGraw and his lackeys are providing a shameful form of voyeurism.

[Pan to crying women in the audience]

At one point he told her that he had the resources to save her (actually he used, “help you get your life on your feet”), but when they made their way back to the studio he forced her to face the crowd and say “thank you for caring about me.”


“An intervention is a loving, considerate way to help someone seek the treatment they need. It’s also a chance to let the person know that there are people who are concerned for their well-being. If done properly, interventions are non-judgmental and respectful.”

The entire process would make the producers of the much less aggressive show Intervention cringe.

One more thing, there were absolutely no clips of Jael on Top Model and barely a mention of it, just a photograph or two. If you’re going to tell a story, do it from beginning to end. It’s called a narrative.

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