Internet Trolls Spit Hellfire Loogies At Dr. Pepper’s Evolution Advertisement

How many times have we seen caveman and/or evolution jokes on television, the internet, or in a magazine? Too many times to count, right?

GEICO, Encino Man, The Far Side, Minute Maid, Attack Of The Show‘s Moments in De-Evolution segment… And yet a harmless Dr. Pepper “Taste Of Evolution” ad featuring early man walking upright has creationists all hot and bothered.

Dr. Pepper’s Facebook page posted the image on September 13 and instantly received comments from furious internet Christians (is there any other kind?) using very special logic, to put it gently. Things like:

“This Advertisement is wrong. If man would have evolved from a ape there would be no apes.”

“Sorry, to shatter your beliefs. But evolution is pretty much proven wrong if you think about it and do some research. Just except it guys…”

“I ain’t no freaking chimp. No more Dr Pepper for my household. God Bless y’all.”

“Evolution is not real. Plain and simple, is there footage of it? No!! Um… is there any, any evidence? Nah! Can we still see monkeys? Yeah! uHm… duhn bes’ beh the bible is truth! And therefore evolution aint real. I have scientifically come to the belief that the only people related to monkeys are gays!”

“I challenge you to dig for the evidence Yourself. Don’t listen to what some fancy pants scientist tells you.”

I would just like to take a moment, on behalf of about 40% of the commenters, to thank the people who would laugh in the face of evolution, because we in turn shared many laughs at their expense.

Amen. Praise Confucius/Obama’s gay Muslim toes.

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