Lady Gaga Fell Asleep, Got A Tattoo In Front Of A Bunch Of People

The only nice thing I can say about Lady Gaga‘s new tattoo, which the “artist” calls “a nod to her Italian heritage,” is that it won’t be visible once she grows her hair back.

I remember buying little books of fake tattoos when I was younger, and I’m pretty sure this so-called “Renaissance era cherub” was included.

Yes, the tattoo, which was given to her in front of hundreds of people at her Fame fragrance launch party, looks like a child’s idea of what body art should be.

She might as well have gotten a heart with the word “mom” in italics over a cutesy white banner. Except she would get “dad,” because as far as I know, she’s never written a song about her mom (poor Cynthia Germonatta). 

I mean, why not a star, or a fairy, or chinese characters, or scrolling words that no one can read, oh wait… she already has that on her arm! Girl is losing more than her hair lately.
Keep in mind/naked skull that the most painful places to get tattoos are the areas of your body with the least fat. What I’m asking is, how much cocaine would it take to lessen the pain?

It was also reported that she invited guests at the Guggenheim to touch her while she pretended to take a nap at the event, and we all know cocaine addicts don’t sleep. Theory: out the egg-shaped window.

What do you think?

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