Amanda Bynes Smokes A Pipe, Talks To Herself

Amanda Bynes has a lot in common with RNC speaker Clint Eastwood, but instead of talking to empty chairs, she talks to herself while she’s on the elliptical in her gym. She also smokes a pipe while eating tacos in a Baja Fresh parking lot.

Even though there are basically photos of it happening, the accusations about her “making comments and then answering back” and “laughing hysterically for no reason” could be completely false, as they were made by random gym rats and neighbors. Let’s just say they are true…

We all, at some point in our lives, carry on “long conversations with inanimate objects.”

I talk to my pets, who are not exactly inanimate, but they certainly don’t reply, and possibly think I’m as crazy as Amanda Bynes going 120 in a residential zone. 

My family members also talk to no one in particular, scolding themselves, or repeating useful reminders.

Sometimes we all sit around talking to ourselves. Anyone who saw us might think we were carrying on a conversation with each other about Mitt Romney or the weather or how many spiders there are in the woodpile, but it just isn’t so.
What I’m saying is, if you speak about Amanda Bynes being crazy, she’ll continue speaking to herself.

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