Someone Finally Took Away Amanda Bynes’ Car, Lindsay Wants Her In Jail

When you hear “Lindsay Lohan” and “Amanda Bynes” mentioned in the same sentence, you would likely assume that one came to the other’s aid, since they’re both terrible drivers who love getting stoned and feel “misunderstood” by the public and media.

Surprisingly, Lindsay is NOT defending Amanda, quite the opposite – she thinks Amanda should be in jail.

It’s only fair since she went for violating her probation in 2010 (but only went for 14 of the 90 days due to overcrowding), right?

“Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?” Lohan wrote on Twitter Sunday. 

Amanda Bynes’ dream (actual car interior)

That same day, Bynes car was issued a ticket for cruising around town with a suspended license and her car was impounded. This just days after paparazzi snapped pictures of her driving to taco joints, smoking pot.

Lindsay Lohan’s dream (actual purse interior)

I don’t think either girl should be in jail. I wouldn’t even suggest a padded room in a psychiatric hospital. A trip away from Los Angeles and all major cities would really solve both of their problems.

Ship them to a completely boring island devoid of pills, rum, drugs and gossip magazines, and DON’T make it into a reality show. No matter how many times we beg to see it…

One thought on “Someone Finally Took Away Amanda Bynes’ Car, Lindsay Wants Her In Jail

  1. they both need to be sitingin jail along with everyone else that does what they do and we actually have to serve time over it. quit being a damn crybaby lohan and next time u get arrested do some time and see what its actually like in the world of reality!!


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