Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Hit And Run, Surveillance Video Proves Her Accuser Exaggerated

It appears that Lindsay Lohan for once, did nothing wrong, or almost nothing.

Following an arrest Wednesday morning for allegedly hitting a pedestrian in New York, TMZ acquired footage of the incident, which shows that Lohan either grazed the back of the accuser’s leg, or didn’t hit him at all.

“While some of the facts are still being gathered, it appears that this is much ado about nothing. We are confident this matter will be cleared up in the coming weeks and the claims being made against Lindsay will be proven untrue,” her rep said in an email to the Associated Press. 

It’s still possible that she did hit a guy (he was taken to the hospital for knee injuries) and drove away without knowing, but it sounds like he saw her famous freckled face and decided to go with the money-milking “she was drunk and broke my body and soul” routine.

Lohan’s Porsche Cayenne, which she was driving near the Maritime hotel before her latest arrest

(I was sure Lindsay was intentionally trying to regain the spotlight from Amanda Bynes in the spaced-out grand prix of batshit drug driving.)

And why was she driving in New York City? Nobody does that. I want to see the instant replay of this “crash,” leading up to her 17th arrest. Get ESPN on it, ASAP.

Read: Lindsay Lohan arrested in New York after hitting pedestrian with her car: Injured man claims star was ‘slurring’ her words, ‘smelled like alcohol.’

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