A Comprehensive Guide To Britney Spears’ X-Factor Faces

Everyone must have noticed the look of fear and distaste Britney Spears permanently has plastered on her face during her judging stint on season two of The X Factor

After five episodes of close examination, I’ve determined that the faces mean nothing, it’s just her way of coping with being on TV.

Granted, when children or teenagers announce themselves onstage, she lights up like a well-carved jack-o’-lantern.

Most of the time she just looks like she smelled some really rancid garbage. So I ask you, who the hell placed the trash can full of year-old yogurt, eggs, milk and steak next to Britney? 

Here are all the faces she’s made so far on X Factor, from L.A. to Austin, with appropriate labels…

[anticipating failure/it’s Britney bitch]

[thought she saw Adnan Ghalib in the audience]

[a kid and/or teenager is nearby]

[there’s a 50-year-old man onstage singing about “sweet cotton candy girls”]

[deep-fried thought]

[Demi farted]


3 thoughts on “A Comprehensive Guide To Britney Spears’ X-Factor Faces

  1. she sucks, no real ability to provide any meaningful input. Limited vocabulary and low brain power to make anything work.


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