Lady Gaga Is A Show-Off, Lost 25 Pounds In 7 Days

Photos from Tuesday, September 18th showed the world a slightly larger version of Lady Gaga than we’re used to.

Yesterday, Gaga posted skinny pictures of herself wearing nothing but yellow underwear (with messages like “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15”) to shortly after confessing that she’d gained 25 pounds from eating too much Italian food.

Some speculated that she was pregnant, while others suggested that the weight gain was photoshopped, or a publicity stunt…

The only thing I’m confused by is her decision to not become the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, Hydroxycut, or TrimSpa. I mean, as a celebrity, why not make a little money off of your diet? You give them the before and after photos, they throw a few thousand dollars at you. 

Lady Gaga is just too rich, and too obsessed with making up names. Monsters, ARTPOP, paws, Born This Way, now the “BODY REVOLUTION.” I can’t keep up with that, her waistline, or her conflicting messages about dieting.

Face it, you shrunk because you’re not as comfortable in your skin as you tell everyone else to be.

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One thought on “Lady Gaga Is A Show-Off, Lost 25 Pounds In 7 Days

  1. She wants us to look at her body so bad. Who is more desperate Madonna, Gaga, or
    If you said all of the above you won!!


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