Hugh Jackman Adjusts Wetsuit On Bondi Beach

Three X-Men movies and a spinoff later, and Hugh Jackman is still quite a specimen. Here he is, taking his bulging muscles for a swim on Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia with his wife and two children.

But who cares about his children? It’s sweet that he’s teaching them to boogie board, but I’m too busy wondering where I would end up if I pressed his veins onto a piece of paper and used it as a map.

Here’s more splooge material, in the form of the first promotional photo from The Wolverine (July 26, 2013). It’s almost as amazing as seeing him on all fours in the sand.Shakira needs to write a sequel to “She Wolf” called “He Wolf.” She doesn’t even have to change the lyrics very much…

Awwoooo. There’s a he wolf in the closet. Open up and set him free.

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