Katie Holmes Called Up ‘First Love’ Joshua Jackson To Talk About Suri

Katie Holmes was locked in the secret basement in Tom Cruise’s spaceship for so long that her first call in the outside non-scientology world was to Dawson’s Creek co-star and ex-boyfriend Joshua Jackson.

Holmes dated Jackson in 1997 during the filming of the first season of Kevin Williamson’s iconic show, and called him her “first love” in a 1998 interview with Rolling Stone.

Apparently, Girlfran had been itching to talk to her male friend for quite a while but was silenced by the awesome power of Xenu. Jackson (who has been with Diane Kruger since 2006) confirmed that he called her out of the blue.

“Like any old friend, it was like, ‘Oh, hi how are ya? What’s going on?’; ‘I had a kid.’ It was very nice, actually,” he told Us Weekly. 

…Because when a celebrity who is a little bigger than you calls to tell you about their famous daughter who also gets more press, you pretend like you didn’t already know. It’s an unwritten rule of Hollywood.
And when is the new iPod Touch coming out?

I hear there’s a function where I can ask things like “Hey Suri, where is the closest, most fashionable place to shop for children?” And she answers “You’re in Oregon so… nowhere, bitch.”

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