Perez Hilton Says Lindsay Lohan Was ‘Over Four Hours Late’ To Work On ‘Glee’

Perez Hilton dropped by Howard Stern‘s radio show to talk about his off-Broadway play NEWSical The Musical where he brought up Lindsay Lohan, who he worked with in the season three “Nationals” episode of Glee.

Producers (and the actress who plays Coach Beiste) were so frustrated with Lohan’s beyond-casual approach to work that they refused to call her by her name, referring to her as “that girl” (as in “that girl is making us late again”).

Even after being specifically notified by director Eric Stoltz to memorize all her lines “off-book,” Lindsay still had to be repeatedly reminded. Hilton also said that an extra day of filming was added due to her behavior.

“Even after rehearsing it she still didn’t know all her lines and kept having to ask for prompting,” he told Stern on Tuesday, September 25.

“The second day [of shooting] actually people were reporting because it was in a big auditorium with a lot of extras, like dozens and dozens of extras, and she showed up over four hours late.”

“Then it gets worse, so we’re judges in this performances number, me Lindsay and Rex Lee who was on Entourage, and she couldn’t even be bothered to sit with us and the majority of the time had her stand-in sit there while they’re filming because she’s like ‘they don’t need me until they have my close-up…’ It’s very rude and unprofessional.”

“One of the other actors, Dot-Marie Jones, blew up because Lindsay’s unprofessionalism slowed everybody else down”

“Then when she did sit down to film her close-ups she kept taking numerous breaks to go either to the bathroom or to go smoke or whatever, and wouldn’t even ask for permission, she just got up and left. Everybody’s like “Where’s Lindsay, where’s Lindsay?'”

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