Paris Hilton’s New Boyfriend Is As Crazy As Her Other Boyfriends

If I told you that Paris Hilton making out with a girl in a club caused her new boyfriend to get arrested for starting a fight would you be surprised in any way?

Good, me neither.

A man told police that he was in the XS nightclub in the Encore hotel in Vegas when Paris started making out with his girlfriend…

Then, Paris’ new Spanish model boyfriend/fictional Street Fighter character River Viiperi attacked the random clubgoer guy with the bi curious girlfriend.

TMZ reports that Viiperi injured him “so badly” that he “needed medical attention” at around 2:30 Monday morning and that Viiperi was cited for misdemeanor battery without going to the police station. 

Duude, I don’t care if you’re 21 and weren’t born here, you can’t date Paris Hilton and not expect her to do things like this. That’s the mistake ALL her other boyfriends made. Except maybe that sex tape guy. I think he was a keeper.

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