Kristen Stewart’s Topless Scene From ‘On The Road’ (NSFW)

Nudity in movies can either be seen as desperate or artsy, sometimes both.

Many might call Kristen Stewart‘s topless handjob scene in Walter Salles’ adaptation of Kerouac’s On The Road desperate because it arrives after her cheating scandal, which was really just another excuse for people who already hated Kristen Stewart to hate her more. 

If you are interested in seeing Bella’s community chest, which I know you are (it’s just natural human curiosity), then you’ve come to the right place. Robert Pattinson and On The Road crew, avert your eyes, this is old news.

In the photos we see 16-year-old bride Marylou, played by 22-year-old Kristen, in the car with Dean (Garrett Hedlund) and Sal (Sam Riley). Can you see her hands? Didn’t think so.

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