Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [10-5-12]

Justin Bieber throws an on-court temper tantrum in NBA 2K13. (Kotaku)

Original Melrose Place star faces 30 years for aggravated manslaughter. (ONTD!)

Nicki Minaj thinks she’s the best judge since Simon. (Evil Beet)

Two weeks of the NHL cancelled because of the lockout. (Deadspin)

KitchenAid apologizes for insensitive asshole Tweet about Obama. (Los Angeles Times)

Sex tape birds of a feather flock together, see Hulk and Kim flex. (Radar)

Chris Brown is “not trying to be a player,” loves two people at once. (E! Online)

Somebody stole Julianne Moore‘s Cartier jewelry, here are some suspects. (Gawker)

Anderson Cooper digs his long white claws into Star Jones‘ lap-band. (ohmyGAHH!)

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