Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [10-11-12]

Why is Mitt Romney mooning children? (Gawker)

Kristen Stewart takes the words out of your mouth, calls herself a “miserable c**t.” (E! Online)

Check out this detailed LEGO batcave (it took 800 hours to build). (Kotaku)

Taylor Swift doesn’t “read stuff” because everyone is out to get her. (People)

Unglamorous autobiography, My Crazy Beautiful Life, by Ke$ha due November 20. (NME)

Lil’ Wayne kissed Stevie J at a concert. (ohmyGAHH!)

Eleven of Lance Armstrong‘s former teammates turned against him in court. (TMZ)

 Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have matching Theodore Roosevelt tattoos. (Celebuzz)

What do you think?

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