The Best Excerpts From ‘Who I Am: A Memoir’ By Pete Townshend (Mick Jagger’s Wang)

Legendary The Who guitarist Pete Townshend was subjected to a four-month investigation by the police after they learned that he paid to access a child pornography site in 2003.

In his new book, Who I Am: A Memoir, Townshend explains that he typed “russian orphanages boys donations” (for charity) into his web browser and was horrified by the results.

“I used my Barclaycard once on a site with a button that (rather ridiculously) said ‘Click here for child-porn.’ The charge was $7, which I immediately cancelled, not wanting even this small charge to benefit banks and credit-card companies that allowed the transaction in the first place,” he said of the research he swears he was doing for an essay on his blog in 2002. 

Another noteworthy memoir moment is his elaborate description of Mick Jagger’s penis.

“Mick is the only man I’ve ever seriously wanted to fuck. He was wearing loose pyjama-style pants without underwear; as he leaned back I couldn’t help noticing the lines of his cock laying against the inside of his leg, long and plump. Mick was very clearly well-endowed.”

But that’s not all, rock journalist Danny Fields fooled around with him while he was sedated.

“I was deeply tired but couldn’t sleep, so Danny gave me a pill, probably a Mandrax, a sedative-hypnotic drug. I woke in the night, still in a trance, with Danny’s hands all over my body, but I didn’t fight him off. I enjoyed what he did, though I didn’t let him actually fuck me.”
Then he shared a crackrocks with Marvin Gaye.

“One night, while I sat with Marvin as he negotiated to buy a rock of raw cocaine as big as a tennis ball, I decided to tell him what his music meant to me.”

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