Bus Driver Punches Woman Like A Championship Boxer And Tosses Her Off The Bus

Who hasn’t been on the bus when a vicious yelling match or knife fight broke out?

Keeping that in mind, would be kind of surprised to hear that a bus driver in Ohio punched a belligerent barking woman? Still no?

What if I told you that he delivered the sickest uppercut to her jaw since Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson in 1990 and threw her out of the bus like she was a dry Christmas tree on January 1st?

The Cleveland RTA (Regional Transit Authority) is looking into the fight after it gained national attention and sparked a debate of whether it’s ever okay to hit a woman unless it’s Ron Perlman in Frankie Go Boom or the MMA’s Ronda Rousey (because she’d kick your ass for trying).

In footage of the argument obtained by WorldStarHipHop the woman and driver are seen and heard yelling at each other. Here’s some of the dialogue:

Driver: “I’ll bring my granddaughter up in here to whoop your ass.”

Woman: “Bring your mammy up here bitch and I’ll beat her ass too.”

Driver: “You look like somebody done sliced your face up.”

Woman: [inaudible screaming]

Driver: “You’re going to jail now!”

But really he’s going to jail because that’s when he gets up off his hard-working pancake fanny, slowly walks towards her and pops her in the chin with fists as powerful as Thor’s hammer.

What do you think?

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