Tuna Are Endangered Because Mick Jagger’s Daughter Rode Them To Death

When I think of tuna I think of sandwiches or Courtney Stodden’s dirty bloomers, but since the image of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall‘s naked daughter Elizabeth straddling a dead fish is now seared into my brain, I might be changing my tune.

Judge not, skeptics! Elizabeth Jagger is riding a yellowfin tuna into the sunset for a good cause. The “Fishlove” campaign to be exact. An exhibit that focuses on bringing awareness to endangered marine life. 

Lizzie Jagger once said that she wanted to “do naked pictures” before she had children and that you must have boundaries if it’s “quite sexual.” Boundaries that apparently don’t include sparking endless fish fry jokes and catcalls from Fishlove enthusiasts and confused Tyler Shields fans.

Here are two more with her famous model mother, in case you hadn’t maxed out your WTFWTF meter.
And another of Emilia Fox (The Pianist) with a squid or octopus of some kind…

Don’t be afraid to dip your boobs in mud in the name of sustainable fishing.

What do you think?

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