To The People Who Bullied Amanda Todd…

Police were called to the home of 15-year-old Amanda Todd on October 10 after she committed suicide in her home in British Columbia.

A month before her death she posted a video called “My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm,” and it is basically a list of reasons why she took her life.

In 7th grade Todd sought attention on webcam chats. One man who the police are currently searching for coerced her into flashing him. When she refused to do more he sent a screenshot of her chest to her family and friends which, on top of some of the usual impulsive decisions most teens make (sleeping with a boy who had a girlfriend), led to her being bullied at school. 

Even after attempts at a fresh start, the man found her and, with the help of a fake Facebook account, used the naked screenshot as his profile picture.

“I then got really sick and got anxiety, major depression and panic disorders,” she wrote. “I then moved and got into drugs and alcohol … I can never get that photo back, it’s out there forever.”

Amanda attempted suicide several times before her eventual demise. Once after she was filmed getting beat up at school by a group of students wrote that they “hope she’s dead” on Facebook when she drank bleach and had to have her stomach pumped.
To the man who posted an inappropriate photo of a vulnerable underage girl on the internet which eventually led to a pre-suicide video that left everyone knowing that this was preventable…

I hope you take responsibility. I hope you think about what you’ve done, and I hope you have a miserable life.

As a teenager I was diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder (a bigger load of BS title was never invented), and depression.

Nobody bullied me (at least not like this) and Facebook did not exist. All I wanted to do was sleep.

I’m saying I understand why she did it and I think the various classmates that somehow justified attacking her verbally and physically because of a photo taken by a pedophile should be punished and lectured endlessly by authority figures that they respect and fear.
Save an extra fiery spot for guys who defend internet predators.

He got one part right. Society IS fucked.

6 thoughts on “To The People Who Bullied Amanda Todd…

  1. The video, which went relatively unnoticed until her suicide this week, says it all. In stark black and white, a faceless Amanda presents her gut-wrenching story on a series of cue cards.


  2. Bullies will take any avenue open to them and some of these people act like they’ve never seen boobs before. Now these bullies want to make it someone else’s fault they clicked the link or googled them. Since when is one person’s mistake supposed to be judged as a death sentence? She didn’t go out of her way to ask these kids to treat her this way. Where is the compassion for one’s fellow human being or did that just get tossed by the wayside along with respect,sympathy and love? I bet if even one of these kids put themselves in her shoes or any other bullied person’s these things wouldn’t happen as often as they do.


  3. A lot of people are saying that she brought this on herself, and most of them are men. They act like she deserved to die because she flashed someone. I don’t fucking understand that logic and I especially don’t understand how another woman could say it.


    1. You wouldn’t believe how many Google searches I can see on my stats page of people typing in “Amanda Todd boobs.” It’s probably the same guys who are saying she deserved to die, which leads us back to why she killed herself and why she flashed anyone in the first place.


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