Naomi Watts Continues to do Princess-y Things in Diana Biopic

Since Hollywood is fresh out of ideas producing nothing but remakes and adaptations like Carrie, Hitchcock, Twilight, and Les Miserables – the next best thing is this Diana biopic that’s been in production all summer.

Naomi Watts looks strikingly similar to Princess D in these new pics, almost as good as ScarJo in Hitchcock – then again, short, blonde haired white women is as close as you’ll get to a special effects artist’s training mannequin.

Allegedly the pictures of the real Diana at the landmines influenced the Ottawa Treaty – sadly nothing to do with the Canadian capital – an international ban on anti-personnel landmines. 

During her tenure as “the people’s princess” Lady D did more than produce a balding heir and the world’s sexiest red brick, she brought international attention to the Angolan minefields with her photo ops.
The movie is going to narrow down on the last two years of Diana’s life before she got in a car crash with that guy who’s name sounds like a monochrome bird.

Originally, the film had a Lifetime Movie-esque title, Caught in Flight, but then the screen writers thought, “hey, this ain’t no Lohan flick” and changed it to something classier: Diana.

The biopic looks like it’ll be good, except Watts is lacking the stress wrinkles Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (ick name) carved into Diana’s forehead.

One thought on “Naomi Watts Continues to do Princess-y Things in Diana Biopic

  1. We find this strange. It seems like it’ll just take us into an over-saturated moviescape — didn’t we JUST have My Week With Marliyn come and go with an Oscar nomination?


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