Zac Efron Dances With Nicole Kidman In Rain-Soaked Tighty Whities

New stills of Zac Efron in The Paperboy, which I assume is about Zac’s relationship with an older woman who enjoys the New York Times so much that she pees on him after he’s stung by an angry homophobic jellyfish, have surfaced.

In them, he’s doing what he truly does best. Rolling around on the floor, almost completely naked.

Then for unknown reasons, Nicole [Kidman] decides that he isn’t quite in erotic enough of a situation, so she pushes him outside into the pouring rain and becomes so overwhelmed by old lady horniness that she grabs his hands and starts doing a menopausal mating dance of some sort. 

And don’t even try to tell me that I’m making this up as I go. That part about the jellyfish is actually true. Also, Zac recently told Ellen that he loves working with Nicole because she’s “very improvisational.”
“You never know what to expect. This was supposed to be a very serious scene. It was a sort of an intense dramatic moment for me. So I was very prepared to give my all in a dramatic moment and before I knew it music starts to turn up around me and she kind of looks at me and says ‘You want to dance?’ And they’re still rolling so I can’t really say cut. And before I knew it we were improvising an entire dance in the rain.. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie.”
I’m dead serious when I say that I wrote that part about Nicole’s menopause mating dance BEFORE I read this quote. I’m basically the white Miss Cleo without all the fees.


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