G4’s Tech/Gaming Programs ‘Attack of the Show’ and ‘X-Play’ Cancelled

Sad news for gamers and tech junkies. NBC affiliate G4 have officially cancelled Attack of the Show and X-Play. 

Fans of both shows were shaken up earlier this year when their two most familiar faces, Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira, quit the network.

In September it was reported that NBCU was looking to turn the channel into a “TV version of GQ” aimed at the “modern male.” Funny because I thought AOTS and X-Play‘s were already targeted at modern males aka real people.

G4 Media General Manager Adam Stotsky confirms: 

Attack of the Show and X-Play have been important for G4, and we want to acknowledge the creative people who have helped inspire and showcase the phenomenon of gamer culture…With more than 3,000 episodes aired between them, we have more than enough great material to honor these innovators and their amazing contributions as we bring both shows to a close.

This statement is of course, total BS for the core audience because we all know they were the only watchable shows focused on gaming, technology, movies, TV, and viral videos. And, like most daily variety-style programs, they were relevant on a day-to-day basis.

X-Play (original air date: 1998) and Attack of the Show (2005), which launched the career of The Newsroom/Magic Mike star Olivia Munn, will continue to air though December 2012 for special “farewell episodes” featuring favorite guests and former hosts.

Farewell Candace Bailey, Matt Mira, Blair Herter, Sara Underwood, Morgan Webb, Jessica Chobot, Blair Butler and Grace Helbig.

R.I.P. Around The Net, Golden Mullet Awards, live Comic-Con/E3/Apple coverage and The Feed. :'(

Watch: Kevin Pereira’s Final Thanks To Candace Bailey, Sara Underwood & The AOTS Crew

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