Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [11-1-12]

Madonna has almost nothing to say about her pop star cohorts. (ohmyGAHH)

Kanye, get your lotion… Kim Kardashian might have a second sex tape. (Fox News)

Tim Tebow is dating The Quiet (watch it!!) star Camilla Belle. (TMZ)

TONIGHT ON MTV: joint Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson interview. (Evil Beet)

Lady Gaga‘s new CD ARTPOP will have a song called “G.U.Y. (Girl Under You).” (Idolator)

Watch the first Wii U Commercial and report back to me. (Kotaku)

Dubstep song featuring Miley Cyrus has me convinced of the Mayan apocalypse. (ONTD!)

What do you think?

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