Robert Pattinson For Italian Vogue, 2012

Robert Pattinson plays peek-a-boo with the camera in a slightly misguided shoot for L’Uome Vogue. Somebody on ONTD! wrote that he looks like “the lovechild of Zorro and Nosferatu.”

Though I really can’t disagree, I’d add that it appears that one of the less mutated Hills Have Eyes lurkers stole from the a drama room costume chest and let his cousin-wife take pictures of him inside the old airplanes and cars that belonged to their victims.

Since text for this one doesn’t exist yet, we’ll go over some random election and Breaking Dawn kissing quotes from Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel. 

“I don’t like any kind of responsibility. I would vote for people like me to not be able to vote.”

“When Obama won last time, I was doing press for the first ‘Twilight.’ I didn’t know what was going on. Everyone was screaming on the streets of New York.”

“I just noticed, this is a very clear example of it every single scene I end up kissing someone … I have extraordinarily loud little pecks.”

“It sounds like I’m walking around in Wellies, I don’t understand, my lip is literally like a vacuum.”

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