Adele Wants to Have Daniel Craig’s Baby Now

Star Magazine reports that because of her love for Daniel Craig, Adele‘s excitement was so amplified after she was asked to record the theme to Skyfall that she lost her breath and fell over. (This story is completely bogus.)

A source tells the publication:

“Adele had panic attacks because Daniel has been her No. 1 celebrity crush for more than 10 years.. She was so freaked out when her management team told her the Bond producers wanted her to record the song, she had to lie down.”

Congrats to Adele for knowing who Daniel Craig was ten years ago. She must be one of the few who paused his scenes and not Angelina’s, in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider to masturbate. 

Meanwhile, Craig is telling everybody that he’s a huge fan, the song made him cry, and Adele deserves a Best Original Song Oscar. First came a crush, then a baby in an Aston Martin baby carriage.

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