Team Breezy Floods Woman’s Feed With Death Threats After Chris Brown Leaves Twitter

News producer and comedy writer Jenny Johnson has never been shy about voicing her opinion, especially when it comes to violent asshole Chris Brown.

After an especially volatile personal exchange on Twitter with Brown (where he called her a “hoe” and a “bush pig,” told her to suck his dick and said he wanted to shit in her mouth and on her eye), he tucked his tail between his legs and deactivated his account.

Chris’s delusional fans, Team Breezy, responded exactly how you’d expect people who would probably list misogyny as their religion if they could define or spell it.

Johnson received death threats. Grammatically incorrect messages like “i want kill you!” and “let’s kill this bitch out !!” were most common.

Stop downloading his music, light your radio on fire and hope he and his fans disappear.

Random Fact: There is A LOT of Fifty Shades of Desperate style Chris Brown fan fiction on Tumblr.

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