Do Michelle Obama and Madonna Belong on a List of the 25 ‘Least Influential’ People?

GQ just released their list of various politicians, sports figures, musicians and Hollywood figures who they consider to be the least influential, and there are more than a few inclusions that just don’t sit right.

Amanda Bynes and Gotye: yes, Michelle Obama, hell no.

Forget that she’s the first lady, Mrs. O is actually somebody worth idolizing.

Seeing that her entry (number seven) is accompanied by a picture of her snarfing down Haagen Daz straight out of the container in a bath robe, it’s clear that the compiler of this list merely dislikes her vendetta against fast food. 

Then there’s Madonna in her cheerleading uniform, using one hand to hold a microphone and the other to push her walker. It may be a funny image, but I certainly know of more than a few fun-loving queens people under the age of 40 who would still jump off a cliff if she told them to.

I could say the same for Mitt Romney (#1), Guy Fieri (#11), Dwight Howard (#4), and Ryan Lochte (#8). I mean, these aren’t exactly my role models, but they do all currently have a lot of fans who hang onto their every word and action.

“25 People The Editor of GQ Has No Respect For” is really a more fitting title.

So you found The Newsroom pretentious, did you really have to put Aaron Sorkin below “Whoever directed John Carter” and “Sandusky’s lawyer?” Douche.

What do you think?

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