Apocalypse 2012: John Travolta and Olivia Newton Murder Our Eyes and Ears

Travolta Gay ChristmasThere are so many things going on this video: the hairline, line dancing, the fact that it looked like it was filmed with a $659.99 Groupon.

Olivia Newton-John and the socially awkward alien from Battlefield Earth reminded everyone that it’s not 1978 anymore by recording a duet called “I Think You Might Like It”, which sounds like something you said in junior high to the girl who received your Valentine’s card fashioned out of her hair.

In the opening scene, John Travolta pilots his own jet into some hick town to meet Olivia. Ollie is in the ol’ Grease mobile with a bunch of fake presents that some poor studio intern probably had to wrap 4 minutes before shooting. 

Soldiers, the elderly, Kelly Preston and randoms all meet at a DOMESTIC airport. It is clearly a domestic airport since it looks like the entrance of an AVIS.
I think you might like it John Travolta familyThe most memorable scene is when Travolta and Newton-John are watching TV in matching red sweaters. The matchy-matchy and precision of Travolta’s spray-on facial hair makes them look like Spock and Captain Janeway snuck off set to mix galaxies or whatnot.

I hope this video has made your holiday heart a bit warmer, like warm pleather trousers on a summer’s day in Manila. Without underwear.
John Travolta Square dancing

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