Doc Brown Look-Alike Rides Around L.A. in Customized DeLorean

Paul Nigh DeLoreanSome guy named Paul Nigh spent $150,000 customizing his DeLorean to look like the one from Back to the Future and I would consider it an injustice to let him slip into the abyss of odd non-famous, movie-obsessed personalities in Los Angeles without a quick mention.

Yesterday, Paul drove around in his precious creation (the “most famous replica,” according to TMZ) around looking like Doc Brown in an appropriately eccentric outfit at the Shell Station in Woodland Hills.

Paul Doc Nigh DeLoreanDeLorean replica
I’ll trade Portland’s Extremo the Clown and his eye-raping, knee-bucklingly horrifying “Never Never Van” for L.A.’s DeLorean ANY day.

Here’s a one-month old picture of the actual DeLorean from the movie, tediously tapping its exhaust pipe at Universal Studios, waiting to be adopted by someone as caring as Paul:
DeLorean Studio Car Universal StudiosThe way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?

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