Oregon Mall Gunman Jacob Tyler Roberts Said ‘I Am The Shooter’ Before Opening Fire

Jake Roberts gun tattooNew details on Tuesday’s Clackamas Mall shooting in Oregon have emerged. The gunman, who killed two (not including himself) and put one in the hospital, has been identified as Jacob Tyler Roberts.

22-year-old Roberts carried a semi-automatic rifle (believed to be an AR-15, one of the same weapons James Holmes used in Aurora) while wearing a white mask and a bulletproof vest.

A witness/Macy’s employee told the Associated Press that Roberts, who eventually shot himself outside of the REI, announced “I am the shooter” before firing.

The three victims have also been identified as 45-year-old West Linn native Steve Forsyth (deceased), 54-year-old Cindy Ann Yule of Portland (deceased), and Kristina Shevchenko (hospitalized).

News outlets managed to quickly dredge up the shooter’s Facebook profile, where we learned the following:
Jake Tyler Roberts Facebook picJake Tyler Roberts Shooting FBJake Tyler Roberts news photo
Roberts went to Clackamas Community College, has a tattoo of a gun on his left arm, was planning to move to Hawaii, works at a gyro shop. Likes: drinking, sushi, Dexter and “shooting.”

Social media played a crucial role in this story, with witnesses managing to snap photos and Tweet goings-on in the mall during and after the crisis. And, again, the topic of gun control is going nowhere.
Jacob Tyler Roberts likes shooting “The original purpose of the Second Amendment (allowing affluent men to buy military equipment so they could form the body of the local militia) has been irrelevant for about 150 years,” GregoryAButler wrote in one comment section.

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