New Details on Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook Massacre

Ryan Lanza current photo 1Ryan Lanza yearbook photoNew information about 20-year-old shooter Adam Lanza and his 27 victims was released today including the names of the deceased, a report from the Chief Medical Examiner, and descriptions of Lanza as told by classmates and neighbors.

Most who met or knew Adam said he was smart and quiet. The words “camera shy” appear in his 2010 high school yearbook in the place of a photo, which might explain why he did not have a Facebook page.

Former classmate Olivia DeVivo told the New York Times that the residents of Newtown “weren’t surprised” that he was behind the massacre because “he just didn’t really connect” with the community.

No offense to Olivia, but I find the lack of surprise offensive. While it is common for perpetrators in these situations to be “misfits” of some kind, the majority of people who are shy and have difficulty connecting socially do not end up opening fire on 6 and 7 year olds.

Speaking of Lanza’s tragic young victims, the medical examiner says there is evidence that he used a long rifle, which coincides with reports that two handguns and one .223 Bushmaster (all registered to stay-at-home mother Nancy Lanza) were recovered from the scene.
Sandy Hook victims listThe examiner revealed that the students had been shot “more than once” at close-range.

Of the six adults murdered by Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary, the youngest, 27-year-old first-grade teacher Victoria Soto, is being called a hero. Soto reportedly “put herself between the gunman and the children” and attempted to hide some of her students in a bathroom or closet.

Victoria Soto FacebookAnother story of bravery, told by the school therapist, has middle-aged Principal Dawn Hochsprung (also among the deceased) pressing her
body against the inside of a door to keep the killer from entering.

The bodies of Adam Lanza and his mother have yet to be examined. We do know that Nancy Lanza often took her two sons target shooting and divorced her husband Peter, who works for General Electric, in 2008.

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5 thoughts on “New Details on Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook Massacre

  1. The mother should have locked up those guns; it appears she flaunted them knowing her son had issues. Irresponsible if you ask me.


  2. I don’t care what his mental condition was. People who have at least some sense of right and wrong know where to draw the line. Even instinctively we know right from wrong. So I hope the son of a bitch roasts in hell for all eternity, if there is a hell. He robbed this world of 20 beautiful children. Children who had thier entire lives to look forward to, and that asshole robbed them of that life. Imagine the horror and torment they suffered in their last seconds on this earth. Think of all the suffering and grief that son of a bitch has caused countless people who loved those they lost so much. To hell with that bastard! Let him roast!


  3. a lot of people said they thought Adam has Asperger’s? as if that also makes it less surprising. We should always be surprised when someone commits mass murder, whether they’re mentally ill or not.

    The only exception would be if that person had actually been suspected or convicted of homicide in the past.


    1. I completely agree. People seem to most commonly associate schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with horrible acts of violence because many who have been diagnosed experience hallucinations. It’s a very sad misconception


    2. To be honest i am a sixth grader, and i have aspergers. I found it depressing how many things I heard about aspergers like; “No shit sherlock! We already knew he was mental!”/ “That explains why he did that!” “Damn! He had mental issues BADLY!” I hid in the schools bathroom half of lunch! Ever think maybe he wanted people to be more aware of people with such things as down syndome, aspergers, autism, hdhd! I have to hide my disorder! I know I’ll get bullied and pushed around maybe I suggest look at the records of Sandy Hook (he attended once) and see if there were any school shootings when he was there (look mostly in 1st or kindergarden).


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