Courtney Stodden Covers Her Christmas Goodies With Synthetic Snow

Courtney Stodden santaI’m not sure what I did for holidays before Courtney Stodden came along. The woman who somehow manages to be ten thousand times less talented than Snooki, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, puts the “f” in fun (and other words) and doesn’t discriminate.

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, 52-year-olds – all fair game.

Stodden is like Taylor Momsen in that she never let being underage get in the way of her sexualized antics. Now that she’s 18, she shows no signs of slowing down the antics (or visits to McNamara/Troy).

She explained to E! that her latest photo shoot, which earned her the Daily Mail headline “She’ll give Santa a heart attack,” was designed to “spread Christmas cheer.”

Mmm hmm. This week I heard that Sexy Christmas costumes were the new sexy Halloween costumes AND that getting felt up can reduce the risk of breast cancer, which means that Santa Stodden is both trendy and cancer free for life.

“Courtney is the new Anna Nicole Smith, without the drugs.” -Krista Stodden
Courtney Stodden Christmas 2012Courtney Stodden Christmas boobsCourtney Stodden Christmas goodiesCourtney Stodden sexy snowCourtney Stodden pink Christmas
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