Anne Hathaway says she has no sex appeal, ya don’t say

Anne Hathaway Harper's Bazaar UKAnne Hathaway does a very tame shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and tells the mag “I had no grit, no sex appeal”. But she’s not unsexy because she has large droopy eyes like a Basset Hound and a matching husband hair cut, no it was just her pure sweetness.

Hathaway blurts first world complains like how she’s always been seen as a “bizarre-world good-girl character” and thinks she is labeled “very vanilla, very sweet, very accessible and not interesting”.

The girl’s got a point. She did a “racy” photo shoot wearing corsets and manages to look like a vanilla wafer wrapped up in a band-aid.
The interview goes on to explain Hathaway had a hard time playing Fantine in Les mis because she was too happy in real life getting married to normal everyday hot guy, Adam Shulman. 

It’s not entirely her fault Les Mis brings out the least of her sexiness, the theme song “I dreamed a dream” actually reminds me of Susan Boyle.

What do you think?

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