The New ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer Could Almost Make a Hardcore Horror Fan Cringe

Evil Dead demonNon-horror and horror fans alike have at least heard of the Sam Raimi’s 1981 directorial debut, The Evil Dead. Most would call its self-deprecating cult classic sequels, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, more memorable.

All starred Bruce Campbell as animated corpse-slayer Ash Williams, and all had moments of black comedy.

The restricted preview for the remake, produced by Raimi and Campbell and helmed by first-timer Fede Alvarez, is lacking the humor, but not the gore. 

While I have a hard time imagining this living up to its “most terrifying film” tagline and being more disturbing than the original Last House on the Left or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I can see it earning the title of “most terrifying trailer.”

Same possession, cabin, and book of the dead. New girl-on-girl severed tongue kiss.
Shiloh Fernandez Evil Dead Evil dead remake cabin Severed Head Evil deadRead: Jane Levy will star in remake of ‘Evil Dead’ and Bruce Campbell Talks Cleavage Signing

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